Monday, October 27, 2008

It's Monday and the start of a busy week.

I was all set to post my interview with Yoola, the great pomegranate queen of Etsy, but she's out of town for the week, so I want to hold off until her store is out of vacation mode.

This Friday is Halloween in the U.S. and I still have to finish putting the decorations up in my yard. We get 125-150 trick-or-treaters and with Halloween being on a Friday this year, we might get a lot more. On Saturday is our annual "Doggie Halloween" party with all of our dog park friends and their dogs. The photo above is of my big baby, Sadie Sue from last year's party after indulging in too much doggie cake.

This week I'm beginning a big "gallery shuffle" with taking art from one gallery and switching it out with another. Thankfully everyone agreed and is happy and it should go smoothly. I also have some new art to photograph and put in my Etsy store.

Everyone have a good week!

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ara133photography said...

Oh My Gosh. Sadie is SOOOOO cute!!! :)