Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Facing (one) of my fears

Last week I took a zillion pictures. I've always been one to run around and shriek when a bee came near me, but last week I was intrigued by them and stood surrounded by stinging creatures and hid behind my camera...snapping away. The new prints just arrived and I'm slowly adding them to my mistflowerphoto store on Etsy. While I'm terrifed of spiders too, I don't plan on standing around photographing them anytime soon. LOL


Cait Throop said...

Bees I can handle but I'm not too fond of spiders and snakes really freak me out! There is a snake in my front garden and it hasn't been weeded for 2 years! Meanwhile the snake is growing! Eeek! Valerie, these are wonderful photographs! Absolutely amazing shots!! xoxo Cait

l'actrice said...

Valerie, just came by to have a look and found this beauties:-)