Friday, June 26, 2009

New series underway!

I have to have two new series of torsos done in the coming months. The first set is due at the beginning of August for a show that features the male and female form. My mother-in-law is flying in for the opening! We haven't seen her in over three years and I'm honored that she accepted my invitation to come in for "the big show". She'll be staying with us for 17 days. The second set of torsos are due at the end of September and they'll all be of the female form. The show benefits breast cancer research and some of my former classmates from high school have volunteered to be models. The torsos take an incredibly long time to complete and I've never worked on more than one at once, so this is quite a challenge, especially with my right arm not able to do very much. I bought some incredibly luscious embellishments for the torsos and I'm so anxious to see them hung at the gallery. I'm trying to capture all ages and sizes. I'll be sure to get lots of pictures!

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Cait Throop said...

Valerie, I can't wait to see the pictures of your opening!!! xoxo Cait