Friday, May 29, 2009

Talent a la mode!

I've had a particularly challenging couple of weeks and much to my surprise, a random act of Etsy kindness boosted my spirits. Linda, of alamodestuff on Etsy featured my First Family painting on her blog. What immediately caught my eye was Linda's sense of style and how fabulous her blog looks. She's obviously mastered blogging much better than I have.

I've shown a few pictures from Linda's store above. Please take a few moments and check out Linda's store, alamodestuff. You'll find everything from bags to switchplates to jewelry.

Thanks again for the delightful surprise, Linda!

1 comment:

alamodestuff said...

Valerie, thanks for the kind words and post. The items you chose go so well together. I've never even thought to group them like that.

Believe me, my blog didn't start out looking as it does now. It has evolved (and is still evolving) over time and it is a lot of work. I really love blogging and I think that is key.

Keep on blogging and thanks again! I love your work.