Saturday, January 10, 2009

Stepping out of your comfort zone

Have you ever done anything totally against your nature? I took a bellydancing class this week. First, let me say that my body is riddled with pain from old and new injuries, I'm clumsy as all get out and I am seriously lacking in the rhythm department. My husband took me to class and he later told me I looked like a scared little kid that's being left at school for the first time. I tried my best with the class. I was absolutely horrible, was an anxious mess, but my hips learned to move like they never have before. Whether I go back again next week is still up in the air. Yes, it was a great 90 minute workout, but I know as the class progresses I'll be falling into walls and bumping into people, so I'll wait and make a last minute decision.

What matters most is I tried it and I put myself in a position where I knew I'd do poorly and that's very rare for me. I normally avoid any activities I don't think I'll excel at. Some people call me a "control freak", but I prefer to look at it as trying to avoid public embarrassment.


joannaphotography said...

Valery, congrats!
I think that's brave to go out of your comfort zone.

l'actrice said...

I totally understand what you are talking about! It's fantastic that you try out something totally new, something you are not good at. Bravo Valerie! You are so brave! Love you!