Sunday, December 28, 2008

As the year winds down...

I always like to reflect back on the past twelve months and remember the high and low points. I also begin to think about my New Year's Resolution. This year the phrase "be grateful" was a big change we made in our household. Sure, the dogs are spoiled brats and they didn't really get it, but I'm always telling them to be grateful that they have such a good life. But seriously, my husband and I were alone for Christmas and it was okay. We were both a little down for a bit, but then we looked at our festive trees, looked at one another and told each other we were grateful for all we had.

My husband really spoiled me this Christmas. He bought several pieces of jewelry from JILLreDESIGNS. He gave me presents throughout Christmas Eve and Christmas and kept sending Jill messages so she wouldn't spoil any of my surprises. I can't thank her enough for helping make my Christmas so special. What a wonderful friend!

I did enough holiday baking for the homeless shelter so they had dessert for after dinner AND enough cookies and brownies for the sack lunches they hand out in the morning. We're planning on doing another round of baking this week for the shelter. And yes, since people are asking, the children at the shelter got their gingerbread men. I made two triple batches this year and quite a mess with the royal icing. LOL

This year I've been blessed with new friendships, many art opportunities and a better sense of self and direction. I send my best wishes out to everyone for a healthy, happy and prosperous 2009. ~Valerie~

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joannaphotography said...

Happy New Year, Valerie!